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Lynn Wilson Designs


Lynn Wilson Workshops

Lynn Wilson’s classes and workshops are designed to help both new and more experienced knitters become more accomplished in the art of knitting. 

Lynn Wilson Designs

Lynn has also developed a series of workshops based on some of Elizabeth Zimmermann’s best-loved designs including: 

  1. “EPS”

  2. Baby Surprise Jacket

  3. Tomten Jacket

  4. Prime Rib Hat

  5. Sideways Mystery Mittens

Click here for a list of Lynn’s most popular Classes and Workshops.  Besides those listed, workshops are available for any Lynn Wilson Designs pattern.  Lynn will also design a customized workshop for your shop’s needs.

Many of Lynn’s patterns were designed to be used in her knitting classes & workshops.  They are technique oriented

and introduce knitters to a variety of skills.  Yarn shops are using them successfully to teach workshops such as Next Step Beginner, My First Sweater, Cables, and Slip-Stitch Knitting.